Waterfront 2017

Danita Pushkareva built a five-meter installation "The Packaged Art Shop" at the exhibition "WATERFRONT: a project on the city, water and art". The exhibition is curated by Dmitry Pilikin.

Dmitry Pilikin comments: "The project of Danita Pushkareva looks like a showcase for a fashion boutique; it includes institutional and environmental criticism of advertising design. The huge industry and talent of thousands of professionals are aimed at creating spectacular packaging that lives a short life in the utilitarian format of "one-time objects." Modern technologies and materials give a run-of-the-mill thing a noble shade of "art object", but the life of this object is very short. After the journey "from the store to the house," the package gets to the landfill and becomes part of the environmental ecological problem. According to the idea of the artist, only "secondary processing" of this material in art objects, can change the situation. At the same time, the provocative question posed by the author remains: "Where is the packing of art and where is art itself".

21-26 September 2017 - the exhibition take place at "Port of Sevkabel", Russia